Tuesday, October 31, 2006

She Is The Very Model of a Modern Major Stage Diva

Thankfully, Halloween has rescued Abby from her post-show depression. Now we just have to manage the sugar crash.

Abby seems to have found her extra-curricular calling. Over the years, she has made an unfortunate habit of quitting the things she signs up for; her enthusiasm for soccer and dance lasted exactly one session each -- faltering immediately after the semester payments had been made. She still had to attend practices and rehearsals, but we were all miserable.

Acting seems to be a match. She loved being onstage; worked hard to learn her songs and her lines; thrived on being part of a community effort. This was a big self-esteem boost for her, and she made some great new friends.

These kids were total pros. The show -- genuinely funny. Abby -- in her bliss.

The final crazy week of daily rehearsals and frazzled nerves notwithstanding, I'm sorry it's over.

Pirates rocked.

Pirates capture the Major General's daughters

The police display their unflagging bravery

Curtain call


Anonymous Jeff Meyerson said...

Standing ovation for Abby (and the rest of the cast)!!!


9:39 AM  
Blogger rita said...

Precious! My granddaughter wants to get involved in community theater (she's almost 7). What a good outlet for them!

10:32 AM  

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